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Beer - A little dose of Magic eyePA

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Moon Dog Magic EyePA (West Coast IPA)

This is my style of beer. The West Coast IPA is a big boy with lots of hops giving a fruity, piney and citrus like flavour, is decent on the nose and a has big bitter finish.

The Magic EyePA is an IPA wrapped in a delicious pun. The label peels off to be one of those things we stared at for hours in the 90's, trying to see a scooter or a sailboat. Given punning and nostalgia are two of my favourite pastimes, it is fair to say I'm excited.

Let's start at the finish, where the end absolutely delivers on its promise of pine like flavours and makes me smack my lips like I have nut butter stuck on the roof of my mouth. I keep going back to my glass as I want more and more of that lip smacking chewy yum-ness. But its not everything I'm looking for and the gaps are a little disappointing. I want to have my nose in the glass huffing away like an ether fiend - that is the joy for me and I missed it in this beer.

The bitter end has me going back again and quickly, and all too soon I've polished of a 7% beer and I'm doing a magic eye thing. This is pretty good.

Find it where all good craft beer is sold.

RRP $12


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