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A quick Polk in Glenelg.

If you happen to be heading to Glenelg beach in Adelaide, then Polk is an absolute must stop. A splendid find, Polk is all about beautiful, Scandi inspired pastel interiors, impeccable service and spectacular food. Its minutes from the city yet feels miles away.

A melded menu of modern Asian concepts, all combined in a fusion style menu which is as clever as it is superbly handled. First thing first, there is a complete lack of pretension. It is almost like we wandered into someone's beautiful beach side yard, and sat down to be utterly and splendidly spoiled.

A tempura soft shell crab was cooked salt and pepper style, with a delicate hit of chili and a whole lot of yum. We couldn't chose between pork and chive or vegetable gyoza so went with both, and added a kingfish sashimi because you know, gluttons! All were beautifully fresh, simple and bloody lovely.

A barramundi curry commenced our main dish dance, along with drunken hokkien noodles, a five spice braised pork belly and a few sides, including a pan fried broccolini and sweet potato chips - again, gluttony. All were superb, and dare I ever say this, faultless. Bhutanese chef Rigzin Dorji Wangmo and Thai counterpart Daao Chiengsaengthong love of their native cuisines are evident in the menu, and there is a real sense of fun in this place.

Did we mention the service? The smile sare as broad as my backside after stuffing my face full of great food, and maybe the Vietnamese Espresso Martini wasn't necessary but it was jolly good. I am not usually a fan of this as a cocktail but when in Rome... The restaurant occupies the space previously known as the Peruvian venue Mestizo Cocina Peruana, but has had a lovely makeover.

The wine list is diverse enough without being overbearing nor overdone, and is reasonably priced. And if craft beer is your thing, you'll find a reasonable selection along with a great choice of cocktails with a few of their own signatures, and all kind enough to the wallet. . The very minor slip up with a tiny chip in a glass was about the only thing we could really fault. Quite looking forward to our next visit to the City of Churches to see if we got completely lucky or if this is just the way it is. We hope so!

Tuesday - Saturday 5pm - 8:30pm Saturday - Sunday 9am - 2:30pm

114 Partridge St, Glenelg South. SA 5045

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