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A man stumbled into a bar. MV Surry Hills

You know when you find a little gem, it seems like its the only place you want to go for every event or occasion.. Yeah that! One of the regular haunts in the city of sin is exactly the kind of place I cant seem to get enough of. It is MV Pasta and Wine on Crown Street in Surry Hills and its fast becoming my go to hangout.

Can I start with the fact I really hate their website. It does them no favours whatsoever. MV has a certain je ne sais quoi, one of those special things you just cant quite put the digit on. The food is great. It wont change your world but it will make you happy and thats kind of the same right? The website needs to go in the bin and a new one should emerge chrysalis like from the same URL.

Italian staples sit alongside delicious nibbles like 'pork bites.' I dare you to share just one plate of sticky pork belly morsels with a honey glaze and chipotle for good measure. Hardly the food of Nonna but bloody good nonetheless. Create your own pasta with some choices of sauce and pasta type or mix up a salumi e formaggio plate to your very own taste.

The service here on every visit has been efficient with a healthy dose of camp and some old school hospitality chops. Where they shine, however, is with the choices you can make regarding wine. This is a smaller, wine drinkers list. None of the ghastly passionfruity stuff from across the ditch. Austrian gruner veltliner sits comfortably with Italian vermentino's (there is a strong Italian influence to match the food) and Californian chardonnay. The french fizz is a harder to find and non standard offer which shows a considerable bit of thought. Reds range from heavy Italian to light Argentinian Malbec and Victorian Pinot Noir.

MV might not change your life, but it will change your mood. Have one of their limoncello martinis (I had two) before tucking into a wholesome plate of delicious food and wash it all down with jolly good plonk and a healthy dose of fun.

See you at the bar! Happy hours run Mon - Thurs 5.00pm - 7.00pm. Fri - Sat 4pm-6pm

MV Paste and Wine is at 397 Crown Street, Surry Hills.

Tues - Fri 5pm - late. Sat- Sun 12 noon - late

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