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A Fish Called Wonder 2019 Pinot Grigio

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

These little finds really do fill me with joy. I love finding an independent wine store and fossicking through the fridges for something I haven't had before. I am also absolutely lucky to have a number of them within a stones throw of Scoffer HQ.

Digging around the fridge at one of those locals, I stumbled upon a King Valley Pinot Grigio, A Fish Called Wonder. Given I am of a certain age, I can attest to a fondness for the John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis film with its Pythonesque storyline (and assembled cast).

The King Valley in Victoria's NE does Italian varietals well and this is no exception. It has a light yellow colour with a nose that is all pears and apples. There are also some honeyed notes, with a flinty element on the nose as well. Kind of like the smell of a clear stream over old rocks, which takes me on a little journey to the mountainous north east. Grapefruit pith, lemongrass and some herbs make an appearance in the aroma.

Its relatively light drinking, with more pear notes and some citrus over those wet stone like characters. It's an odd thing describing wine as like wet stone, but I am also quite an odd thing, so there is no surprise. The finish is lovely, crisp and dry, with some sensible acidity, and an almost roasted peanut like hint at the very last part of the palate, making this one of those things you can drink more than a glass or two of.

This wine isn't going to change the world, but for a quick grab on the way to a picnic, or a bbq, it's well worth the value it represents. It is vegan so if your BBQ is all mushrooms, plant based and tofu, then it is also a great match. Some simple grilled chicken thighs and a summer salad would be idea. Stock up on this for christmas for when the uninvited hordes arrive.

VIC | 2019 | King Valley | 12.5& ABV

RRP $17


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