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A Bloody Mary at Bloody Mary's

Calling Potts Point home for the past six years, Bloody Mary's is known for that ubiquitous concoction of spiced tomato juice, celery salt, tabasco, worcestershire and enough vodka to cure any post lockdown hangover.

The Bloody Mary's Gazebo is a likeable tribute to this legendary drink, a small bar with a a good mix of hangover-friendly food, something a little more fancy and a whole raft of variations on the classic cocktail, made with their thick and pulpy housemade tomato juice.

There's an interesting vibe in both the menu and the design, somewhere between a camp Connecticut bar and a Cape Cod holiday house with crisp white walls and massive mirrors, one should be nursing one's head or getting going on creating tomorrow's malaise.

The menu is a mixed bag of starters, salads, pub style mains and some pizza, all good to line the stomach after a night on the tiles. This is a great place to while away the afternoon with freshly permed hair and nails for days, soaking in the scenery and soaking up some good tucker. The perve is not bad either ladies.

A piece of salmon came on some cauliflower puree with roasted beets, carrots and salad, while a burger hit the spot with perfectly crisp salty fries and was splendidly tasty. But let's be honest, we were not here for the dining experience. We were here for their selection of their finest, including an Oyster Shot, with their bloody mary mix, a Sydney rocky and some Ketel One, and the Bloody Hell - a heart stopping melange of chili infused vodka, tomato juice, lemon, lime, garlic, coriander root, palm sugar, fish sauce, tabasco, sriracha, with a garnish of celery, a slider, prawn and buffalo wing. If that dont fix ya Mary, best you don't drink again!

The winningest things here though, apart from the fact that it is teeming with lots of good looking folk to admire, is the service. It's the right amount of friendly, cheeky and incredibly professional. There is nothing we were left wanting for, except perhaps another couple of those bloody mary's!! Nurse!!

Bloody Marys is at 2 Elizabeth Bay Road, Potts Point

Open Tuesday - Thursday 3pm - 10pm, Friday noon - late and from 8am until late Sat - Sun.

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