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3 Ravens Juicy IPA

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Juicy IPA, NEIPA (New England IPA), Hazy IPA and East Coast IPAs are synonyms of themselves and they utterly delight me. This style is my bag, what I'm about, what I'm looking for. This is my type, my baby, my deal. Yes please!

What this style brings to the table is a sweeter flavour, lower end bitterness and a wonderful tropical, fruity nose. This comes from the majority, if not all of the hops added after the boiling process has completed, meaning less bitterness is extracted during the brew, leaving the sweeter notes of the hops to shine through and gifting that top end nose.

And so to the 3 Ravens Juicy. Lets not dance around, I love this beer. For me, this represents exactly what I am looking for in this style. The nose is gloriously sweet with the scent of overripe oranges, pineapple and mangoes. The sensation of drinking is very different to the pales and sours I've been enjoying recently, the taste is smooth and creamy. Is this a Passionfruit Boddingtons? An orangey Tetleys? It is creamy orangey deliciousness.

The look of the beer is great too. It has that hazy suspension and tropical juice colour that I enjoy and I realise this is more like a fruit juice than a beer. In fact, this beer is the tropical juice they serve at breakfast buffets in those oversized glass containers in beautiful hotels! Yes, that's what I was searching for! It was then it dawned on me that Covid killed the breakfast buffet. Ah shit.

Sold widely around australia

1 Theobald St Thornbury Victoria 3071

4 Pack RRP $20.50


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